TOYO Corp. has handled ElectroChem products since 1999, and has sold more than 650 products (fuel cells and fuel cell hardware) to date.

ElectroChem fuel cells are a “pioneer product” as the fuel cells that can be disassembled and assembled by users, and one of the most popular commercially-available fuel sells in Japan.

In Japan, ElectroChem fuel cells are used as the standard fuel cells, with which users compare the performance of fuel cells manufactured by themselves. Also the cells are used for evaluating the electrical performance of new materials.

ElectroChem has also manufactured some custom products for Japanese users including 1 cm2 fuel cell, 5 cm2 fuel cell with H2-reference electrode, and 25cm2 fuel cell with reference electrode. These products have been purchased mainly by R&D users in catalyst area, and are still contributing to fuel cells’ degradation analysis.

In addition to fuel cells, ElectroChem electrodes (catalyst loading electrodes) have played an extraordinary role in fuel cell development in Japan and have been sold in large quantity. There are two reasons that the electrodes have been popular for users. The first one is that membrane researchers are able to correctly evaluate the electrical performance of membrane, because the quality of the catalyst loading is stable. The second one is that many users who research and develop original proton exchange membrane do not conduct loading using such existing electrolyte as Nafion. ElectroChem electrodes are the products that satisfy the needs of the users.

TOYO Corp. will contribute to the promotion of fuel cell research in Japan through the sales of ElectroChem products.