Products and News for April 2016

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Professor Ravi Datta Joins ElectroChem

DattaDr. Ravi Datta, Professor of Chemical Engineering and the Director of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute Fuel Cell Center, joins ElectroChem as an academic advisor. He is a well-acknowledged national leader in clean energy, fuel cells and hydrogen; and received his Ph.D. from UC, Santa Barbara, in 1981. From then until 1998, he was a faculty member in chemical engineering at the University of Iowa, when he came to WPI, serving as Chemical Engineering Head. He has published roughly 135 articles, 200 conference papers, and 6 patents, and has been advisor to about 50 graduate students, including 25 Ph.D. students.

Product HighlightConductivity Cell

Conductivity1ElectroChem’s Conductivity fuel cell hardware gives the researcher a more accurate assessment of membrane conductivity and resistance. The cell incorporates a 4 point probe; the advantage being the ability to separate the voltage drop due to ion creation -  from the voltage drop due to ion flow. This process enables accurate assessments of membrane resistance; and conductivity or resistivity.

Our conductivity cell is available with our popular “Column/Pin” flow field in 25cm² size; and our “Serpentine” flow field in 5cm² and 25cm².

The Conductivity Cell may be removed; and the hardware can be utilized as a fully functioning PEM fuel cell hardware.

Conductivity Cell includesConductivity2

ElectroChem Fuel Cell Hardware, BT 115 conductivity cell, Clamp for reference cell (x1), Bolts (x 8), Tweezers (x1), Allen Wrench (x1)



ConductivityKitAlso – the Conductivity Cell Kit is also available separately – and it can be added to our 5cm², 10cm² and 25cm² hardware. The kit includes two components – the inside clamp and the ceell body. The clamp can be removed from the cell for conductivity tests in a beaker, or a humidity chamber.


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