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Product Description

Material surface structure and properties are important for fuel cell R&D. The EC-2500 microscope is able to provide closer observation of material and material surface coating for better understanding of them in research and product development in a simple way; EC-2500 microscope also provides convenience and efficiency in product development to do a quick comparison and evaluation of product quality; EC-2500 microscope also provides a convenient way of visualizing the details of material surface for identification purpose.

Following is one example of comparison between normal visualization of surface of a 20wt% Pt Vulcan XC-72, 1.0 mg/cm2 Pt loading electrode and magnified image of it from the microscope.

Allows clear visualization of the uniformity of the surface coating on the electrodes.

A digital camera with powerful imaging software is included for image capture, live recording, dimensional measurement, annotation and much more. The camera can display a live image, either on a computer or on a video monitor. This combination digital camera with built in 10X eyepiece supports previewing live color digital images directly from your microscope onto your computer via the USB port. This camera comes with software to view, edit, and save images. It is convenient to store, share and email images.

  • Optical glass lenses and prism
  • Easy rack and pinion focusing
  • Portable and convenient
  • 20 times Magnification
  • No accessory mirrors are required.