50 cm2 PEM fuel cell stack
Interdigitated Flow Field Design

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Product Description

ElectroChem introduces a high performance fuel cell stack with a new separator plate design giving a highly efficient reactant transport, and with a careful connector design providing corrosion resistance

This stack is built with the same robust quality and durability allowing for repeated assembly and dis-assembly; as are all of ElectroChem’s hardware products.

The new separator plate includes an interdigitated flow field design, so that reactant is forced through the porous gas diffusion layer (GDL).  The forced flow helps to transport reactant to the reactive catalyst layer (CL) thus reducing mass transfer limitation and increase power output.  The fuel connection is specifically designed and made with a direct connection between the graphite separator plate and Nylon (or Teflon) fittings, so that fuel and the current collector and endplate do not come in contact, making them corrosive resistant.


The stack with the interdigitated plate is available in 50 cm².  A cooling plate is also available for the 50 cm² stack


  • Interdigitated Flow Field Design
  • 7 Cell Stack
  • Aluminium End Plates
  • gold plated current collectors
  • machined graphite separator plates
  • banana plugs for monitoring voltage
  • Belleville washer
  • air-cooled or water-cooled stack
  • SS fittings for gas tight connection to 1/4” tubing
  • Gaskets1 silicone
  • size (H x W x L) cm x cm x cm
  • weight 8.8 lb, 4kg


Key features of a short stack (in addition to the single cell)

  • thickness of separator plate 64 mm
  • weight of separator plate 0.25 lb
  • normal operating temp. 65 – 75 oC
  • maximum temperature 180 oC
  • Cooling External Fan Recommmended
  • Humidification Dependant on Oxygen or Air flow rates


1 Other gasket materials (silicone-coated fiberglass, Teflon, Teflon-coated fiberglass) are also available

Custom Stacks Available up to 20 Cells
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