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Product Description

ElectroChem offers the H-cell as Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) reactor chamber. The H-cell is defined according to the shape of the cell. It can be used as reactor and other electrochemical cells.

Microbial Cell

ElectroChem’s assembled H-cell has volume of 100ml on each side of chamber. The compact design of the H-cell is especially suitable for proof of concept studies in getting initial results efficiently. The ElectroChem H-cell is suitable for using various substrates, such as basal medium, M9 medium, other bacteria growth medium, wastewater or organic liquid from nature, natural sea water etc. The two chambers are connected in the middle with a big aperture hole, which has the advantage of less mass transport limitation in ion-exchange. Each chamber has multiple (3) openings to provide flexibility in doing multiple tasks at the same time, such as adding circulation pipes, culture injection and gas purging during the testing.


Description Quantity
Open caps at side 6
PP hose barb flow through   connector ( optional ) 2
Septum solid TF/silicon 20
Open caps at top 2
Septum T f/silicon 2
Sealing ring 2
Clamp with seal set NW25 1
Glass ware 100.25.3 1