Carbon Micro-porous Layer (CMPL)

The purpose of the Carbon Micro-porous Layer (CMPL) is to minimize the contact resistance between the GDL and catalyst layer, limit the loss of catalyst to the GDL interior and help to improve water management as it provides effective water transport. CMPL treatment is especially recommended for use with CCM ( Catalyst Coated Membrane).

We utilize ElectroChem’s electrode coating technology in the design and manufacture of coating carbon microporous layers(CMPL). ElectroChem’s CMPL can be applied to both non-woven carbon fiber paper and woven carbon cloth. We offer CMPL with standard and customer design – please click HERE to go to our custom design request page.



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EC-CMPL-CC GDL: Carbon Cloth Carbon Loading: 2 mg/cm2 PTFE Loading: 25% Dimensions: 19cm x 19cm $368 View
EC-CMPL-TP GDL: Toray Paper 060 Carbon Loading: 1 mg/cm2 PTFE Loading: 25% Dimensions: 19cm x 19cm Thickness: 0.19mm $368 View