A microbial fuel cell (MFC) or biological fuel cell is a bio-electrochemical system that utilizes microorganisms to convert chemical energy, available in a bio-convertible substrate, directly into electricity. As a bio-electrochemical system, MFC contains two electrodes, anode and cathode. The electrodes can be made of variety of electrode material, such as carbon cloth, carbon paper, graphite rod etc. Functional microorganisms are able to grow on electrode in substrate solutions to convert a large variety of organic materials into energy, water and carbon dioxide via their natural systems. The bacteria use only part of the produced energy to process nutrients and sustain their life. Through MFC, the rest of the energy can be harnessed to generate electricity.MFC has a wide range of applications, such as wastewater treatment and energy generation, underwater power needs, biosensors, power for implanted medical devices etc.

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EC-H-Cell ElectroChem offers the H-cell as Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) reactor chamber. The H-cell is defined according to the shape of the cell. It can be... $1,815 View
EC-MFC-Kit Testing Kit includes syringes (1ml, 10ml, 30ml), sterilized petri-dish, inoculating loop, 25 G needles $1,299 View