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EC-LS-006 Magnetic Stirring Hot Plate, Temp range 380°C   View
EC-LS-007 Digital Multimeter and Current Probe View
EC-LS-009 2 Channel Timer View
EC-LS-010 Torque Wrench View
EC-LS-011 Ultrasonic cleaner, volume, 1 ½ gal. View
EC-LS-012 Tapered gauges, range:1/64“ to 3/16“ in 1/64“increments. View
EC-LS-013 Gas Bubble Flow meter – Set of Two (10 and 100 mL)   View
EC-RPR-01 Repair Kit Available for: 5cm² 25cm² $110 View
EC-RPR-50 Repair Kit Available for: 50cm²,  ,   $220 View
EC-SWL-N16 For ElectroChem Fuel Cell Hardware $100 View