ElectroChem Hardware w/Extra Attributes

ElectroChem’s Hardware MEA is made with assembly holes that accurately fit ElectroChem’s Fuel Cell Hardware

The hardware MEA is a 5 layer MEA incorporates a membrane ‘sandwiched’ between 2 gas diffusion layers (GDL) that have a layer of catalyst on them.

Our line of MEAs is based on years of experience as well as our own proprietary manufacturing processes and quality control. We have developed a highly reliable product that is unmatched by others, which gives our customers the reliability they have come to expect.

MEA Products

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FC05-MEA-DM Description: 5 Layer MEA, Electrode Size/Active Area: 5cm², Loading: 4mg/cm² Pt Loading (20wt% Pt/C) $191 View
FC05-MEA-H2R Description: 5 Layer MEA, Attribute: Reference Electrode, Electrode Size/Active Area: 5cm² $140 View
FC05-MEA-REF ElectroChem Hardware MEA’s With Extra Attributes (MEA’s with assembly holes) $191 View
FC25-MEA-DM Description: 5 Layer MEA, Electrode Size/Active Area: 25cm², Loading: 1mg/cm² Pt Loading (20wt% Pt/C) $236 View
FC25-MEA-REF Description: 5 Layer MEA, Loading: 1mg/cm² Pt Loading (20wt% Pt/C), MEA Dimensions: 10cm x 10cm $191 View