Nafion® solution is a dispersed polymer liquid form of the same chemical as Nafion® perfluorosulfonic proton exchange membrane.

It is typically applied to the electrode layer that drastically reduces the amount of platinum catalyst needed as a catalyst by exposing a larger fraction of the platinum catalyst to the proton conductive medium. The Nafion® solutions are available in 5% and 20% polymer content with aliphatic alcohol (AL) based dispersant and in 5% and 10% with water (AQ) dispersant.

The Teflon PTFE emulsion is a hydrophobic material and is one of the keys chemical used in fuel cells.

Teflon PTFE acts as a binding agent and changes the hydrophobic properties of the gas diffusion layer. By coating porous carbon paper with the PTFE emulsion, the result prevents the paper from being saturated by liquid water and lets water vapor and reactant gas pass freely through the pores.

The PTFE emulsion can be used directly by mixing with catalysts or coating porous substrate (e.g. carbon paper or carbon cloth) to a variety of PTFE content.



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EC -TFE Teflon Emulsion PTFE 30LX Unit 500 ml  No Hazardous Classification $125 View
EC-NS-05-AL Nafion Solution 5wt%, 1100 EW Hazmat Fee Density: 0.92 – 0.94 Unit 250ml $732 View
EC-NS-05-AQ Nafion Solution, Aqueous (Water Based) No hazardous classification Unit 250ml $524 View
EC-NS-20-AL Nafion Solution, 20wt% Hazmat Fee Unit 250ml $1,274 View