CatalystThe fuel cell creates power by oxidizing a hydrogen atom into a proton and an electron on the anode electrode and reduced oxygen atom with proton on the cathode electrode.

In a PEM fuel cell, platinum is used as the catalyst on the anode and cathode. A direct methanol fuel cell uses a platinum/ruthenium alloy as the anode catalyst and the typical platinum catalyst on the cathode.

Standard Pt catalysts for fuel cell applications contain 10%,20%,40% or 60% Pt on VULCAN XC-72 carbon support. Typical Electrochemical Area (ECA) for 20% Pt/C is 100 m2/g. Typical ECA for 10% Pt/C is 140 m2/g.

Carbon-monoxide-tolerant Pt/Ru catalyst for direct methanol fuel cell applications contains 20% Pt and 10% Ru (1:1 Atomic Ratio) on carbon support. 20% Pt and 10% Ru catalyst exhibits better resistance to CO poisoning and it is well suited for direct methanol conversion fuel cells. The catalyst can also be used in fuel cells operating in conjunction with gas reformers.


5 grams is the minimal amount at which we can offer catalyst – but we can offer amounts higher – please email us at: for higher quantity inquiries 

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EC-10-PT-5g Weight 10wt% Platinum Vulcan XC-72 Carbon Amount 5grams Free! View
EC-20-PT-5g Weight 20wt% Platinum Vulcan XC-72 Carbon Amount 5grams Free! View
EC-40-PT-5g Weight 40wt% Platinum Vulcan XC-72 Carbon Amount 5grams Free! View
EC-40/20 Pt/Ru 5g Weight 40wt% Pt / 20wt% Ru (60wt% Total Metal) Vulcan XC-72 Carbon Amount 5grams Free! View
EC-EL-10-IROX Catalyst for Electrolyzer 10% Platinum/Iridium Oxide Catalyst for Electrolyzer use 10 grams View