Carbon NanoTube

The CNT-GDL is a sheet of nonwoven carbon paper with Carbon Nanotube ( CNT) grown on the surface of every fiber. CNTs are shown to be more corrosion resistant. These CNTs are vertical to the surface of the fiber. The length of the CNTs is typically controlled in 40 micron.

The growth of CNTs on the surface of carbon fiber or cloth(GDL) serves unique advantage as it supports the dispersion of noble metal nanoparticles (such as Pt catalyst for fuel cell application) in a three dimensional electrode structure thus providing higher catalyst utilization and more efficient mass transport.

CNT Paper

CNT paper, is manufactured using Carbon Nano Tube. It is also referred to as Bucky paper. It is a highly hydrophobic (contact angle of 113°), highly porous (90%), and has a thermal conductivity of 2.7 kW/m2 h. Bucky Paper is made from 95% purity multiwall carbon nanotubes, and can be custom made from single-wall or double-wall nanotube. Based on these properties, Bucky paper provides value in the field of gas diffusion layer for fuel cells, electrochemical supercapacitors, and for cathode in batteries.

ElectroChem offers CNT growth GDLs on non-woven carbon fiber paper or woven carbon cloth. Figure indicates the carbon nanotube grown on the carbon fiber. The apparent fiber diameter is about 50 microns on top of the original 7 microns of bare fiber. The CNT density is 2 mg/cm2.

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Carbon NanoTube GDL
SEM of CNT growth GDL and SEM of self-supporting carbon nanotube

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