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ElectroChem Newsletter – September 2014


EC-PDM-1     U-tube Nanometer



EC-PDM-2      Differential Pressure Sensor




Why understanding Pressure drop is important

In a fuel cell operation higher pressure of reactant gases enhances the performance but at the same time design of flow channel can restrict the flow of reactant gases thus creating a pressure drop. .  Supporting high gas flow rate at low pressure drop would give uniform reactant gas distribution and improve cell performance.  Thus it becomes important to know, the exact rate of pressure drop.

There are two ways to get the information of pressure drop in fuel cell.  A U-tube manometer can provides a convenient and quick method to monitor the changes in the pressure drop at various gas flow rate.  An analog differential pressure sensor can do a simple operation with the help of making connection to your computerized test station. ElectroChem offers both U-tube manometer and analog differential pressure sensor for ideal choice of measuring the real time pressure drop.


UNISA Training on New Test Equipment



ElectroChem hosted Dr. Touhami Mokrani from the University of South Africa (UNISA) recently, for training on the university’s recent acquisitions from ElectroChem – a CompuCell™ fuel cell test system, and an Ultima™ fuel cell test system. Dr. Mokrani was trained on his actual equipment – to ensure his understanding of all the functionality and features for critical evaluation, with ElectroChem’s test equipment. The training, which is a must for all test system customers of ElectroChem’s equipment, is actually one of the main selling points the UNISA used in determining their vendor. Dr. Mokrani is in charge of setting up several labs within South Africa, and sees ElectroChem as a key partner in the future.


ElectroChem Award Recipient



ElectroChem, Inc. was presented with the NASA Tech Brief Award, from the NASA Inventions and Contributions Board, for its Integrated Flow Field design (IFF) fuel cell hardware. The award is given in recognizing the development and innovation of inventions and other scientific and technical contributions and achievements. The IFF is ElectroChem’s patented design where one gets the highest utilization of reactants in a closed loop environment. This work was done under NASA’s SBIR program. To view the techbrief – please click HERE

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