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ElectroChem Newsletter – March 2015


New Paks Released

With the continuing success of ElectroChem’s newly introduced “Pak” line of products, we are proud to introduce two new additions –



This Pak contains one each of our most popular Nafion membrane offerings: Nafion 115, 117, 211 and 212. Each piece is 10cm x 10cm.



This Pak contains one each of our most popular Toray Papers:Toray 030,gdlPak 060, 090 and 120. Each paper is 10cm X 10cm, and each one  is also Teflon Treated.




SIGRACELL Carbon and Graphite felt


Carbon Felt

ElectroChem is now offering Carbon, and Graphite felt manufactured by SGL Group.  These materials have high porosity, good electrical conductivity, and good liquid permeability. These features make these felt uniquely suitable for advanced flow battery, microbial fuel cell, super capacitors, as well as Direct Methanol fuel cells.

  • High porosity (92%) provides large surface increasing current density and power
  • High liquid permeability to reduce pressure drop and efficiency losses
  • Homogeneity in thickness and area weight provides uniform compression and thus gives uniform current distribution
  • Strong material for various treatments to improve surface properties according to need
  • Excellent chemical resistance and inertness properties
  • Easy to cut and install for specific sizes

Click on the product numbers below for more information!

EC-GFA-6EA              EC-GFD-46EA                EC-KFD-25EA

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