Lastest News for February 2016


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ElectroChem Newsletter – February 2016


New!Electrolyzer Hardware with Reference Electrode!

ElectrolyzerElectroChem’s unique electrolyzer hardware, EC-EL, with its assembly / dis-assembly feature, is now available with a reference electrode - EC-EL-REF. The PT wire reference electrode is located in an open compartment, which is connected to the flow field of the electrolyzer. The reference electrode provides a more accurate measurement of voltage without the effect of current. 


Latest!New Straight/Parallel Flow Field Hardware

Fuel Cell Hardware 1cm 5cm 25cm

Based on our customers input, ElectroChem has now added straight channel/parallel flow field hardware in 5cm2 size. TheFC-05-03 (without membrane electrode assembly) and theEFC-05-03 (with membrane electrode assembly). ElectroChem’s fuel cell hardware is used by our global customers as the standard they utilize in the development of catalyst, electrode, gas diffusion layer, and membrane electrode assemblies. Our hardware are rugged pieces designed to be assembled and dis-assembled.


For Our Customers! - Easy Reference and Product Guide

Product Index

If you have not been to for a while, please visit and you will find that ElectroChem has now made it easier to view its vast product offering! We have created an easy to use ‘Product Index‘ for each of our product categories. These indices are a streamlined snapshot overview that are an excellent reference for the products we offer. Each list is downloadable, and contain active links that will connect directly to the corresponding webpage – making it easy to review and order! We will continually be updating this section with new indices – please keep checking back!

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