Hydrogen Refueling In Mansfield, MA

Refueling Station

MANSFIELD – That’ll be a loaf of bread, a pound of cheese and a fill-up of hydrogen, please.

The zoning board of appeals has scheduled a hearing Aug. 23 on a proposal to expand a non-conforming use for the Stop & Shop supermarket at 377 West St. to permit installation of a refueling station for hydrogen-powered cars.

The proposed location is part of an initiative by hydrogen supplier Air Liquide LLC and Toyota to create a series of hydrogen fueling stations throughout the Northeast.

Eventually, Air Liquide plans to build 12 stations to serve what it hopes will be a growing market for zero-emission, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The first stations would be built in Connecticut, New York City, Braintree and Mansfield and would be open in 2017.

Hydrogen would be produced off-site and delivered to the stations.

Stop & Shop already operates a fueling station for conventional, gasoline-powered vehicles at the same site.

Courtesy of the Sun Chronicle
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