In order to reduce the cost of PEM Fuel Cells, and create a bigger market, there has been significant development moving towards the area of high temperature PEM Fuel Cells (HT PEM). ElectroChem is offering these high temperature MEA’s in various sizes and are PBI free.

The High Temperature MEA is based on a pyridine type proprietary ADVENT TPS® polymer electrolytes and is polybenzimidazole (PBI) free, and allows the use of fuels with high CO content and reduces the complexity and the cost of the final HT PEM fuel cell system.


  • Operational temperature 150-200°C
  • Pyridine based aromatic polyether electrolyte
  • High carbon monoxide tolerance
  • Long term stability with very small voltage drop
  • Zero degradation under cycling operating conditions
  • Endurance under differential pressure
  • No need for humidified gases
  • Low cost


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Hi Temperature Membrane Electrode Assemblies