Gamry FC350 Fuel Cell Impedance Analyzer

The FC350 Fuel Cell Impedance Analyzer is designed to measure the electrochemical impedance of operating fuel cells at high current levels. The FC350 consists of a Digital Controller and an Interface, working in conjunction with an Electronic Load . The FC350 is operated by FC350 Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Software ,which is compatible and integrated with ElectroChem’s test equipments, as well as many others.

The FC350 Fuel Cell Impedance Analyzer measures the impedance of high current of an operating fuel cell in conjunction with an electronic load. The operating frequency range is 10 μHz to 300 kHz. The sinusoidal current signal from the FC350 modulates the electronic load , which, in turn, modulates the fuel cell output. The voltage of the fuel cell is measured directly by the FC350. The FC350 processes these signals to calculate the impedance. During the impedance measure a fuel cell test system (such as CompuCell Test Station) is required to control the fuel cell to operate at constant current conditions.


Standard Experiments

  • Galvanostatic EIS
  • Hybrid EIS
  • Cell Potential