Electrolyzer Hardware – Sept 2015

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ElectroChem Newsletter - September 2015

ElectroChem’s New Electrolyzer Research Hardware

Electrolyzer Diagram

Product Number EC-EL

Electrolyzer research and development provides the crucial link to make the renewable energy concept and hydrogen energy a reality. The unpredictability of having the supply of power when needed will no more be an issue. Excess unused power generated from solar and wind can be used to generate, and store hydrogen for a later use for filling a car, and/or to use in a fuel cell for distributed, emergency power and other hydrogen energy solutions.

ElectroChem’s EC-EL electrolyzer research hardware provides a reliable hardware with many built-in flexibilities for studying different materials for flow-field, different catalysts, membranes, and current distributors.


  • Design for quick assembly and re-assembly – easy drop-in installation guided by alignment pins and flat gaskets
  • Built with titanium – giving high electrical conductivity and corrosion  resistance. comprising current collectors, separator plates and flow field internal parts
  • Basic square design – high material utilization in square vs circular and easy fabrication
  • Built-in thermal couple for close temperature measurement and control at the center of the cell

Product Details:


Active Area:                                                       50cm2

Cell body dimension (H x W x T):                     10.1 cm x 10.1 cm x 1.0 cm

Overall body dimension (H x W x T):                15.4 cm x 13.5 cm x 4.9 cm

Weight:                                                              2.8 kg


Operation Conditions:

Operating Pressure:                                          30 – 50 psig

Operating Temperature:                                    35 – 75 oC

Hydrogen production:                                        10 – 350 SCCM


Radha Jalan Presents at Lucerne

RJ at Lucerne 2015
Radha Jalan, PhD., president and CEO of ElectroChem, Inc. recently attended the European Fuel Cell Forum in Lucerne, Switzerland; and presented ”Novel Integrated Flow Field (IFF) Design for Higher Performance in Fuel Cell and Electrolyzer“. You may read the full presentation by clicking HERE

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