“ElectroChem electrodes (catalyst loading electrodes) have played an extraordinary role in fuel cell development in Japan and have been sold in large quantity…”

“The quality of the catalyst loading is stable”

“ElectroChem electrodes are the products that satisfy the needs of the users.”

Toyo Corporation


ElectroChem Electrodes are manufactured by depositing electrically active catalyst on a gas diffusion material consisting of carbon paper and/or cloth

Anode and cathode electrodes for an electrochemical device consist of catalyst loaded onto a gas diffusion layer (GDL).  We use carbon supported Pt or Pt/Ru catalyst for the best catalyst dispersion and utilization for PEM Fuel Cells.

The electrode for a fuel cell is hydrophobic to reduce flooding issue during fuel cell operation.

ElectroChem’s gas diffusion electrodes are used in PAFC and PEM membrane electrode assemblies.

We use Platinum/Carbon catalyst with various loadings laminated to a hydrophobic GDL.

Our standard electrode is made with 10wt% and 20 wt. % Pt/C and 30 wt% and 60 wt% Pt/Ru catalyst on carbon paper or carbon cloth (Toray 060).  We also offer a selection of customized electrodes – please click HERE to go to our custom design request page.

Electrodes are available with Nafion Treatment (T), or without.