ElectroChem Company Profile


Fuelcell.com is the on-line market presence of ElectroChem’s offerings for researchers, and developers.

The race is on. The world is quickly running out of its energy resources, and world leaders are looking to science to solve the problem. What is required must be smaller, faster and cheaper. And the new technology can’t harm the already fragile environment.

The answer to this looming energy crisis is the Fuel Cell. Touted as the ultimate energy resource, it is ultra clean, highly efficient and reliable. The technology directly converts the chemical energy from fuel, such as hydrogen or ethanol, into electricity, with the only emission being water vapor. It’s safe for the environment, efficient, and isn’t dependent on depleting natural resources.

Already used to power the Space Shuttle, Fuel Cells have become increasingly accepted and progress towards Fuel Cell commercialization has accelerated in recent years. ElectroChem, Inc. is on the forefront of this movement as the leading developer and manufacturer of power systems for the research and development community and commercial markets.


“We’re at the point where the market will drive the next stage of fuel cell development. The turning point in the race will be when science responds proactively to the market – instead of the market accepting scientific and technological advances as they come. And it will happen before you know it.”

Radha Jalan, Ph.D., President and CEO, ElectroChem, Inc.


ElectroChem Inc. has been a pioneer in fuel cell research and development with over 45 years of experience in the field. Due to the Company’s initial focus on Research & Development, ElectroChem has been able to identify market opportunities for new products for researchers. We have believed that research should be without boundaries—limited only to a person’s imagination. And to that extent, many of the products that we offer have come in the market place based on our own research needs. We not only offer standard products, we support our customers with customization of the products for their needs.

ElectroChem spends time, consideration, and quality testing on other manufacturer’s products. Those items that have met or exceeded our high level of quality control and performance – are also offered to augment our already robust product line.

Fuelcell.com was the first website to recognize the power of the on-line opportunity to sell products through this medium. Since fuel cell technology was being developed in many parts of the world, it was important to provide a common place for everybody to come together to find consistent quality research components, hardware, and equipment from an experienced, reliable vendor in the industry. When a customer purchases from fuelcell.com, it is not just a product off the shelf, or just a SKU number—but has the rich history of ElectroChem Inc.’s technical expertise behind each product. We brought international buyers together, set standards for commercial development, and also developed customized products to help the industry move forward in producing commercial products. ElectroChem’s product PS-Ultima, was the first product in the industry where researchers could test five individual fuel cells independently, and simultaneously. This helped many fortune five hundred companies both domestic and overseas to accelerate their work.

Our global clients include Fortune 500 companies, Universities, government research centers, and small businesses. ElectroChem as a company has many patents which serve as a testament to ElectroChem’s innovative capabilities, and we have helped our customers by manufacturing innovative products for their solutions. We do not just sell products, but we also welcome customized requests to meet a customer’s needs.